The State - Or Revolution:
Selected Works of Camillo Berneri

In 1937 Camillo Berneri, one of the great anarchist theorists and journalists of his era, was assassinated in Barcelona by men wearing red armbands. It was a final expression of the fear and hatred he had inspired in the forces of authoritarianism throughout his life. Whether they be Mussolini's blackshirts, Stalin's thugs or Franco's military men, Berneri had opposed Europe's oppressors with clarity and passion, and been loved for it. This collection of translated works brings together his thoughts on Russia's revolution, Italy's 1920s descent into dictatorship, the Spanish Civil War, and his critical, sometimes iconoclastic works about anarchism itself.


Published by Freedom Press


Introduction: Petrograd 1917 to Barcelona 1937 by Iain McKay

"Berneri's Credo"

1: Essays

- A Russian Federalist: Peter Kropotkin

- Worker Worship

- Attractive Work

2: Marxism, the State and the Russian Revolution

- Lenin is a-coming

- State and Bureaucracy

- Regarding our critiques of Bolshevism

- Marxism and the Extinction of the State

- The State and Classes

- Abolition and Extinction of the State

- Dictatorship of the Proletariat and State Socialism

3: The Spanish Revolution

- What to do?

- A Dangerous Turn: Beware!

- Madrid, the sublime

- The War and the Revolution

- The Third Stage

- The Wisdom of a Proverb

- Interview: Camillo Berneri's Views

- Open Letter to Federica Montseny

- War and Revolution

- Counter-Revolution on the March

- Revolutionary Economy: Two Collectivised Villages in Catalonia

4: Miscellaneous

- A The Commune of Paris and the Federalist Idea

- The Hour of Anarcho-Syndicalism

- Mussolini the Great Actor

- Abstentionism and Anarchism

- Principles

- The Problem of the Relationship between the City and the Countryside